Cindy Lorensen

I'm Cindy, an easy going and ambitious person who sets a goal and applies every means to achieve that goal. I have a big passion for creating useful and beautiful things, while constantly trying to learn and improve in the process.

I began in my early years pursuing my computer science degree while working as a computer operator. During a slow midnight shift I started sketching random things and before I knew it my midnight shift was over. I realized my true passion was more on the left side of my brain than the right. I did finish that degree, but went on to combine my creativity with my technical skills. That has led me to creating snazzy designs for really great people. I can apply my creative but practical passions to any project I work on whether it be for cool custom brands and logos, websites and blogs or even a theatre set design on a budget.

I am currently living in San Jose, CA with my husband and two teenage kids. I enjoy working from home but am looking to spread my wings and venture into new territories. Contact me if you see a good fit!